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What sets this Peer Support Training apart ? 

The engine that drives this program forward...Genuine People with one goal, Compassion !

The Amputee Association of NSW is made up of people with a world of heart, as is the nature of the NSW amputee community.

People who go about delivering support and understanding. Giving life to a program that helps breakdown the barriers, breakdown the fears and build up the individuals.

Our Peer Support Team are the quiet and courageous types. Not looking for awards or accolades, they simply give freely time and time again. They listen, they relate and they understand.

The Amputee Association of Sydney has been supporting amputees in Sydney & NSW for over 30 years. 

Our Established Peer Support Volunteering Program builds on the EnableNSW Amputee Peer Support Volunteer Training Framework.

Our training is delivered by a Qualified & Experienced NSW Amputee Nursing Educator

As an amputee volunteer with the Amputee Association of Sydney you can share your experience, bring encouragement and provide an understanding ear.


Be a part of your existing 100% volunteer community & make a difference for someone coming to terms with life as an Amputee.



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Did you know that you can request a Peer Support Visit for your client, your family member or yourself simply by visiting our web page and filling in our Peer Support Visit Form.

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